Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing ceremony between Anh Consulting and Auditing Company (ACAC) and OA International Holdings (OA)

Hanoi, March 06th 2017, Anh Consulting and Auditing Company (ACAC) from Vietnam and OA International Holdings (OA) from Singapore had entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in order to develop the common interests and become strategic partnerships. 

The MOU marks the first step in both 2 companies’ colobration in tax, auditing, accounting, investment and financial consulting services as well as foster relationship between 2 countries Vietnam and Singapore. Through this signing ceremony, 2 partners have agreed to develop a new organization called “ASEAN ACCOUTANTS ALLIANCE” (AAA) and become the first two founders of AAA. AAA will create a platform for all members representing for 10 countries in ASEAN to join to extend the network, exchange knowledge and experience, support all Small and Medium enterprises to connect and expand business into other countries. AAA will provide clients a qualified and full package services and those would not be performed by a limited and local professional resource but and performed by regional and prestigious network and expats. In the long term, AAA will not limit in ASEAN but other countries like Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China and India.

This event marks a new milestone in ACAC’s development. ACCA was originally established in Haiphong city (a northern coastal city of Vietnam and 100 kilometers from Hanoi) in 2004. It then has subsequently grown to support two active offices in Hanoi and Haiphong city with over 50 professional employees. ACAC provides a wide range of professional services including pre-investment and entry strategy advisory, comparisons of investment destinations, due diligence, valuation, corporate establishment, tax planning & management, accounting & reporting, financial review, internal and external audit, corporate finance and debt refinancing. Last year 2016, ACAC was proudly introduced as a great professional advisor in Vietnam for all potential foreign companies in Korean Magazine.